Who Are You?

I really want to know!

  • What do you do for your job?

My job is mostly about Marketing my product.

  1. Direct Sales off the Boat
  2. Operate tours of my farm and industry in Humboldt Bay
  3. Wholesale to  Seafood Markets, Restaurants

Another big part is education of the public and civic leaders

  1. Chamber of Commerce mixers
  2. Attend public hearings and Government meetings
  3. Speaking engagements

The farming foundation of my job

  1. plant and harvest oysters
  2. manage crop rotation,  plan for future needs
  3. Maintain equipment and make it better for the job required
  4. Maintain and update permits required for operations
  • How did you get into working at Aqua- Rodeo Farms?

Old friend became a business partner and funded start up operations

  1. had connections in the industry to secure sub lease
  2. desire to start small business
  3. worked with shellfish nursery for 5 years for practical experience
  • How does your job contribute to the economy?
  1. for every 100 dollars in oysters I sell I reinvest 70-85 back into the  economy to continue business operations.
    1. Labor
    2. Gas
    3. rent
    4. materials and infrastructure
    5. oyster seed

  • How is your job related to Agriculture?
  1. I plant a seed
  2. my farm is defined space
  3. I harvest a product for human consumption
  4. Seasonal conditions play a big part in production
    1. growth rates
    2. Safety

WORK EXPERIENCE: Sebastian “Oyster Dude”

2012-Present    Humboldt Bay Tourism Center    Eureka, CA

Collaborator/Staff Member

  • Maintain adequate Bucksport oyster inventory for ongoing sale of prepared and to go orders.
  •  Advise and consult on other oyster sources as needed.
  • Train staff on oyster handling and best practices with regards to oysters and condiments
  • Participate in weekly Tuesday promotion Buck a Shuck and monthly Arts Alive in Eureka
  • Be a persistent referral generator for the Center to the general public


1997-Present    Aqua-Rodeo Farms    Eureka, CA


  • Maintain wholesale accounts, Accounts Receivable(Wave Accounting), Shellfish Harvest Records(HACCP Certified)
  • Maintain relations with regulators, elected officials, and industry peers
  • Train employees to standards, work ethic, quality control, and safety/hazard awareness
  • Customer relations for Direct Sales, Wholesale, Touring Operations
  • Maintain systems that enable the quantity and quality of work to be accomplished


Winter 2005, 2006     Local Fish Company                                             King Salmon, CA

Site Manager/Purchasing Agent

  • Maintained inventory of crab and purchased as needed direct from fishing vessels
  • Maintained purchase records as per Fish and Game regulations
  • Cooked and cleaned crab
  • Use cash register, program cash register and utilize report functions
  • Completed daily cleaning duties in the store
  • Received and filled phone orders
  • Drove forklift
  • Scheduled employees to control labor costs


Winter 1999                      Abalone International                                          Crescent City, CA


  • Analyzed systems for efficiency on the farm
  • Worked with staff to learn techniques and critical control points of processes in place
  • Cleaned and maintained plumbing and water pumps
  • Fabricated and maintained abalone cages
  • Prepared feed and fed abalone




B.S. Wildlife Management /Minor Industrial Technology


  • Seafood HACCP Certified 2006
  • Business Networking International



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